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There seems to be as many house plans out there as there are people to live in them, and styles vary as widely as do individual tastes. There are one-story ranch homes, bungalows, two-story colonial homes and multilevel mansions. The one thing they all have in common, however, is that the family living inside each of them wants to sleep soundly at night knowing their home was constructed properly and to the highest quality standards possible. No one knows that better than someone who builds homes for a living.


While your construction budget will ultimately dictate the overall size and location of the home you intend to build, and whether or not it has one-of-a-kind quartz countertops or off-the-shelf granite, it should not impact the quality of the home in which you're going to spend the next several years or even decades. The structure that provides safety and security, as well as comfort and companionship, for your entire family should be strong,well-constructed, weather tight, and filled with enough amenities and top quality finishes to make it the envy of your friends. Regardless of the style you choose, the right builder will understand that and will endeavor to meet every one of those goals at every turn.

Custom Home Construction

When you combine the 3 key components of top quality, unmatched value, and old-world personal integrity with 40+ years of skilled craftsmanship, you get west Tennessee's premier home builder.

Experience Counts...

Having crafted more than 4000 homes across four decades, Greg Bridgers knows more about quality home construction than anyone you will likely meet again in your lifetime. He's knows the difference between a great subcontractor and a good one; the difference between first grade lumber and kindling. He takes as much pride in the construction of each and every custom homes he builds as his clients take in possessing a Southern Serenity home.

There are far too many examples of homes he has built, and floor plans he has to choose from (to say nothing of working with your one-of-a-kind plan) to display in a single website. Contact Southern Serenity Homes today and we'll be happy to set up an appointment with you to discuss any and all aspects of bringing your dream home to reality.

There is no obligation and no pressure will be applied at any time. Once you meet with Greg, however, you'll see what so many others have seen before you: that you have met the right team to build your dream home, a team that will look out for your interests and goals throughout the process as surely is that they were building that same home for one of their own family members.

Isn't it time you quit living in someone else's dream? Isn't it time you called Southern Serenity Homes!